Netflix wants by with Aziz Ansari

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Netflix is open for a new season of the series Master of None to do with Aziz Ansari. The actor hit earlier this year discredited when a woman him after a date accused of sexual misconduct.

During the autumn presentation of the streaming service in Los Angeles showed Cindy Holland, topvrouw of the contenttak of Netflix, know: “We have certainly thought about it. We would be happy to make another season of Master or None, if Aziz is ready.”

Holland was also asked about the controversy that arose when Stranger Things-actress Sadie Sink in the aftershow Beyond Stranger Things told to them during a filming suddenly was summoned a player to kiss. The then 14-year-old told the program that she is very embarrassed about, but stressed later that they are never forced felt. Holland did not specifically address the situation, but indicated that Netflix the highest priority of everyone on the sets of the streaming service ’safe, at ease and in good health”.

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