Musicalcast Mama Mia! finally started

After months of waiting and preparing, the actors of the new musical Mamma Mia! finally really get to work. Monday was the cast for the first time together for the rehearsals. There looked the most pretty.

Mama Mia

“Finally, it was really time,” laughs Emiel de Jong. “In January, we began the auditions, and since march, we know that we are participating. We had the script been given already, have the clothes fitted. It is all of those small speldenprikjes. Now the time has come that we really are going to practice with the material. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The musical Mamma Mia!, produced by Albert Verlinde, is based on the songs of the legendary Swedish group ABBA. It tells the story of the 21-year-old Sophie, who prior to her marriage trying to figure out who of the three ex-lovers of her mother Donna’s father.

For the auditions, signed up hundreds of people. All competed for a place in the feelgoodmusical. “I wanted so desperately to, that I still very unreal to think that I am the Donna should go to play”, says Antje Monteiro. “For me, it’s now the perfect time. If Mamma Mia about ten or twenty years back, I am too old for. Therefore, I had to just do it.”

Extra happy

Also, Zjon Smaal had his sights fully set on a role in Mamma Mia! “Therefore I went with the excitement of the audition, that for my feeling not as good. I had to work hard to get it right sung to get so I’m extra glad that I am.”

The entire cast consists of 34 actors and actresses. Zjon Smaal plays Harry, head of marketing of the ING Bank and one of the possible fathers of Sophie. “A modest, exploratory qualities type”, describes Zjon his character. “Someone who is pretty far away from me. I think I have bolder in life. But very interesting to play.”

Jolijn Henneman recognizes herself very much in her character Sophie who, by everything they are experiencing in the show, “a little bit of growing up.” She is a girl that goes for her goal and funny and friendly. “A little bit of your best friend. She stands close to me and therefore I can there is a lot of myself in it. And I am fortunately fairly free to with the role to do what I want.”

The rehearsals for the musical Mamma Mia! the rest of the summer. The show is from 6 september in the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht and on september 23, its official premiere. The leading roles are except by Antje, Jolijn, Emiel and Zjon completed by, among others, Dieter Troubleyn, Hilke Bierman, Sophia Wezer, and Soy Kroon.

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