Mugabe jeered at polling station

HARARE – former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (94), with great interest, cast its vote in Harare. It is the first time in decades that he will not himself vote. The fallen leader had on the eve of the election already made clear the opposition to support.

The fragile-looking Mugabe went Monday with his 53-year-old wife Grace into the polling station. There gathered a large crowd. Some spectators cheered their former leader, but many other people jouwden him.

Mugabe was nearly 40 years in power in the African country. The elderly leader stepped in last year after the army put him under house arrest, had placed his own party made him fall. The voters must now decide who will be the heavy task gets the collapsed economy of the country to breathe new life into. In the capital, Harare, were in the early morning and long queues outside the polling stations.

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