Missing skier after sixty years, identified through Facebook

The Italian police could thanks to Facebook finally clarity about the human remains in 2005 were found in the Italian Alps. It will be a French man who more than sixty years ago and disappeared.

Thirteen years after the discovery of human remains at an altitude of 3,000 metres on one of the flanks of the Matterhorn, near the Swiss border, there is finally a breakthrough in the investigation, as announced by the Italian police Sunday pleased.

The man was about 1.75 meters high and thirty years old, but the forensic researchers were able to him and his wooden skis, no disappearance of links, which causes the body to years and years of anonymous remained.

In June, the Italian police for some of the findings of the research to share on Facebook, including more details about the glasses and embroidered initials on a bit of clothing, with the request to the message as much as possible to share, especially in France and Switzerland.

After the message was picked up by French media, it was the French Emma Nassem in the ore. They explained the link with her uncle Henri Le Masne, who, in 1954, disappeared after he single-handedly was to go skiing near the Matterhorn.

A photo of the man showed a pair of glasses that matched those in the body were found. A DNA test confirmed the identification.

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