Mick Harren at least a night in the cell

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Mick Harren will still at least have to spend a night in a police cell. The singer, who Friday night was arrested after his former stepson with a gun had threatened, to-morrow (Tuesday) be presented.

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Mick Harren

That confirms a spokesman of the police to the Telegraph.

The judge will tomorrow decide whether Harren, who is suspected of illegal possession of firearms, even up to fourteen days longer in custody. The singer’s Friday night in his hometown Purmerend nabbed, because he is his former stepson with a gun has threatened.

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According to the witnesses, would Harren in a coffee shop, a gun to the head of the 24-year-old Joey – the son of his ex-wife, Pascale, have, as a result of an out of hand discussion. His former stepson had asked of him, his mother will now leave her alone, then when Mick the stop harassment.

Strange, anonymous phone calls

After this newspaper with the news about Micks arrest came, wanted his son – Bowy Harren – his side of the story to tell. “My father pulled a gun out of his pocket, that is also on camera, but it was a nepwapen and he has had good reasons to have that gun in your pocket to carry’, he tells The Telegraph. “He has for many years been threatened by his stepson and it is possible that also the new friend of Pascale had something to do.”

According to the 24-year-old Bowy fall in police files hundreds of tax returns. “I’ve been there that my father is strange, anonymous phone calls got in the car. But according to the police, that is not to trace. Joey has even once with my father to the door stood with a revolver. But because there is no footage of it, we can’t prove it.”

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