Martijn Krabbé surprised followers with bare-chested

Martijn Krabbé, who is currently in the United States on vacation with his children, doing eyebrows frown with a picture of his muscular torso.

In the snapshot, where the presenter jokingly says a ’Instagrammodel’, he writes that he, with only three push-ups on one day and two abdominal exercises, this result has managed to achieve. He also says that drinking a good Burgundy (wine red.) helps.

The truth of that schedule by, among other Charly Luske doubted. The singer responds with: “Hahahahahaaaaa!! This is not really anyway???”, which Martijn immediately replied, and a little extra to do, by saying: “Sure it does. I can also, the “vodka diet” also warmly recommend. That definitely saves four days per week.”

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Other reactions replaced by ’our own Schwarzenegger’, ’good thing’, and even someone asking if Martijn want to marry her. Also doubt a number of his followers to the truth. “Are you sure it is not photoshop?”, someone writes.

For the people who react negatively to his twelve-year-old daughter Jasmine have a clear message: “My dad is muscular and has it all done yourself.” She adds, then adds: “So for all the haters: go and have a each day run, to the gym and on a diet.'”

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