Marco van Basten: ’the Arbitrator must give an explanation’

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Proud and satisfied opened the KNVB Monday the brand new replay center, where videoscheidsrechters in the new season a whopping 324 duels in professional football.

Marco van Basten, Pierre van Hooijdonk and Danny Makkelie in conversation.

,,The football will be much fairer,” predicted director of football Eric Gudde of the football association. ,,That has the world cup shown.”

The video

The VAR, such as videoarbiter is abbreviated, in the new voetbaljaar a role in every eredivisiewedstrijd. He also considers the decisive duels in the KNVB cup, play-offs and the battle for the Johan Cruijff Scale from the centre on the site of the KNVB in Zeist has dropped. In all the matches he gets images of a minimum of six cameras along the playing field.

The KNVB is from 2011 all the hard for the introduction of the VAR and for the next five years, 9 million euro was allocated for the project. Marco van Basten, at the FIFA charged with scheidsrechterszaken, is pleased with the initiative. ,,We will still debate keep whether or no hands was,” he says. , But in the past we discussed ten cases, and now still have three.”

Makkelie behind the buttons.

The VAR can intervene in goals, penalty kicks, offside, red cards, and persoonsverwisselingen (wrong player gets a card). That is, according to Van Basten just enough. Because otherwise, we continue to but meet on the field. In my eyes it would be good if the videoscheidsrechter or real arbitrator after explaining why certain decisions have been taken. Then people can better empathize with his situation.”

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