Manufacturer makers Soof 2 more money to pay

Producers Millstreet and Keyfilm to the writer and the director of the comedy Soof 2 more money to pay because the movie is a huge hit in the Dutch cinemas. That has the disputes committee Auteurscontractenrecht determined in a ruling that is published on the website Here are all of the legal decisions shared about intellectual property.

Since 2015 is a new copyright of force in which a so-called ’bestsellerclausule’ is included. This means that if a film, book or song, a lot of money is earned, creators who feel that they are not enough to have shared in the profits thereon to the call can draw.

The creators of Soof 2 found their royaltyvergoeding of 5 and 7 percent (for the writer and director) is not sufficient. The commission is going to participate in this complaint and argues that the producers 10 and 12 percent of the royalties must pay. The producers received 50 percent of the royaltyvergoeding, a ratio that the dispute “seriously disproportionate”.

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It is known to be the first time that creators of a hit film to the dispute steps. Soof 2, which tells about the troubles of a neurotic woman who after her divorce is trying to create a new life to build, pulled in the Dutch cinemas to 900,000 visitors and brought in about 8 million euros.

“As the creator you are in this kind of cases depending of the agreements a manufacturer makes with the other stakeholders in the chain, such as operators, distributors or cinemas,” says director-based virtual Lammers. “But writer Marjolein Beumer, and I found it to be very distorted feel. As a producer you have to hit back a nice amount for new movies to make, while you as a creative maker should be contacting all of the funds. The amount that the disputes committee awards also provides us the opportunity and space to relax with a new project to develop.”


Lammers hopes of the ruling, a precedent is out. “Many makers are still afraid to place their fingers on such a procedure, to burn, because you often in the future, with producers hoping to work together.”

The producers let Monday know to consider a response to the ruling. They can agree with the statement, or they can choose to appeal. This they must within three months make.

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