Jonathan Rhys Meyers has no need to drink

The actor says that airports can be difficult for him because there anywhere alcohol is.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not that he has trouble making the drink. He says he doesn’t desire for strong drink. The actor from Mission: Impossible III has a large part of his life spent in rehabilitation clinics.

At the beginning of July came Jonathan in the news when he quarrelled with his wife Mara Lane. The couple got mot during a flight to Los Angeles because Jonathan a drink and wanted to order.

The Irishman has after the incident apologized for his behavior and has since then not more drunk. He regrets the incident deeply. “I have found myself left in the lurch by falling back”, he told Mail on Sunday. “No one else is to blame.”

Jonathan claims, however, that he is not an alcoholic, According to his own words, he has simply a behavioral problem when there is liquor in the game.

“I would be known ??as someone who slips back into alcohol abuse, not alcoholism”, he explained. “I did not suffer from alcoholism. I suffer from an allergy to alcohol every time I drink it. But if I stop, I think there will never be more, That does not mean that the problem is less, it means only that I have different perspective.”

Jonathan also said that if he is drinking, then the effects are so devastating that it is a problem.

The actor has repeatedly made attempts to have his drinking problem to come off, but when he is travelling, he finds it difficult to keep it up. Jonathan was previously arrested at airports in Dublin in 2007 and in Paris in 2011, because he was drunk and for any problems caused.

“Airports are hard for me, because they have you there for three hours, you can’t smoke and you are surrounded by alcohol,” he told. He would not, however, plead as an excuse.

The actor is now determined to stay sober in the interest of the young son of the couple, the Wolf, and he thanked recently his wife because she is him and continue to support in his fight against the drink. “My wife is incredible”, he told “I am very happy that I did.”

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