Jon van Eerd furious: ’easyJet has hundreds of people deceived”

c59f7ea703966fca6a44290ad46e963a - Jon van Eerd furious: ’easyJet has hundreds of people deceived"

Jon van Eerd is not to speak about the service of the airline easyJet. The musicalacteur out via Facebook his displeasure about a flight that was cancelled and how easyJet then with the passengers in mind.

Jon van Eerd

The story tells Of the Limelight that he is the beginning of this month it was planning to from London to Marseille to fly. After hours of waiting, was the flight eventually cancelled. The passengers were taken to gate 53 is sent and there they were in their flight to can books. But that turned out to be a strong example of klantenbedrog, says Van Eerd.

“The people around me started running. For me it all started, however, a little delivered light to blink. Because once that check we were still outside? But in the jostling and the pushing, was my action faster than my mind. A sliding door and … outside! We were outside! No information desk, all the shops closed. (…)This is the moment in which war occurs!”

According to Van Eerd was a chaos. “People are starting to freaked out to run in all directions. Push elderly people, who are in a panic their cane lost. I take a crying Italian girl. They do not know what they should do. Everyone is running towards a hotel. It’s raining now, hard.”

“This is an indictment of the unbridled schofterige behavior of easyJet!” says Van Eerd. “They have hundreds of people, simply the airport uitgeloosd and left to their fate. Door closed and leave. Our problem is not more. Find it out!”

Finally, does the 57-year-old actor a call to the airline. “easyJet, you take responsibility! That goes wrong your fault. But how it goes wrong!”

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