It is Freezing cold at David and Victoria Beckham

After repeated scheidingsgeruchten will experience the famous couple David and Victoria Beckham a frozen moment.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

On a sunny day in California, the couple and two of their sons, Romeo (15) and Cruz (13) taken in tow. For cooling in the heat, treat them to a tasty rolled up ice cream at The Cold Rolling Ice Cream on the famous Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

What various sources may say about their love affair, as parents form them as always and yet again a perfect picture of a happy family. During their zomertrip in California they now have all the time to get that image for the outside world yet again to reinforce.

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They left earlier this week to see how the two sons themselves were taught in ice-cream making, that eldest son Brooklyn and his younger brothers and sister to the movies took and how Victoria loungede on the couch with her son, and quality time with her daughter, Harper rose. We miss only pictures of quality time between David and Victoria.

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