IS claims responsibility for attack on cyclists in Tajikistan

The terrorist group Islamic State Monday evening through its official mouthpiece AMAQ the attack claimed the group of bicycle tourists in Tajikistan. It came to four people to life.

The terror group says the attack was carried out by ” soldiers of Islamic State, who have answered the call to citizens of Western states to endorse’, as it says in a statement.

Further details about the attack, or evidence that IS actually behind the attack would have been, not given.

The local law enforcement agencies in Tajikistan, had previously announced that the four foreign tourists in the south of the country were victims of an attack by armed men. There was taken into account a terrorist attack.

In the collision Sunday were tourists from the United States, Switzerland and the Netherlands are involved. Three cyclists were killed, one later died in the hospital. There were also three wounded.

Four of the perpetrators have been shot, another could be arrested.

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