Invasion of kangaroos in Australian cities

2c7f78226d224cb7c68e984905a1da6f - Invasion of kangaroos in Australian cities

CANBERRA – In Australia it is currently winter, there also struggling with drought. One of the consequences is, that the most famous inhabitants of the country flocking to the cities withdraw.

This kangaroo was grazing during a football game.

There is Down Under, to an increasing extent, of a true kangoeroeplaag. The marsupials eat mainly grass and that is in the nature becoming less and less available due to the lack of rain. On sports fields, in parks but also in the backyards of Australians, there is sufficient grass, which the cattle graze.

Director Daniel Iglesias of the Australian Forestry commission speaks in conversation with the news site a ‘perfect storm’: “The winter has always been a difficult period for kangaroos because there is little to eat, but this year it is very dry and there is also a number of cold nights over come. Grass verdroogt by the frost.”

The kangaroos, the habitat of the man entering, allows for collisions, literally. The verges of roads are attractive to grazing or browsing land and watching the animals is not always as good as they cross. In addition, grazing kangaroos, especially at dawn and sunset, and that is during the Australian winter is the time that most commuters on the road. Garages are therefore increasingly have cars in which a kangaroo have shoveled, as reported to the Australian ABC News earlier this month.

The drought is not the only reason for the invasion. That the kangoeroepopulatie in Australia in the past eight years has doubled to almost fifty million, also contributes to the nuisance.

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