Hundreds of trekkers are stuck at the volcano in Lombok

About 500 tractors to sit since Saturday jam on Gunung Rinjani, the highest volcano of Lombok, after the Indonesian island was struck by an earthquake with a force of 6.4 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake hit mainly the north of the tourist island affected. The fear for landslides, the region around Gunung Rinjani immediately closed, but 820 tractors were at that time still on the slopes of the volcano. The majority of them are foreign tourists.

246 of them were Sunday already successfully evacuated, the rescue operation was Monday continued. Also two helicopters were deployed to the people of the mountain, and food around. Two routes have become inaccessible by the earthquake, the rescue workers use the path to the village of Sembalun.

The death toll from the earthquake is currently sixteen. Certainly 160 people were injured. Thousands of homes are damaged.

The island is a popular holiday destination, but the Foreign ministry says no knowledge of Belgian victims. Tour operators Thomas Cook and Tui reported that they do not have the customers at the place where the earthquake occurred. On Facebook showed the Brussels minister Pascal Smet, on a trip in the region, to know that he was the quake felt.

Indonesia is located in the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific Ocean, where tectonic plates touch and often earthquakes cause.

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