Humor central at the 71st edition of festival del film Locarno

From Wednesday to August 11, find in Locarno, a Swiss city on lake Maggiore, the 71st edition of the film festival place, that includes (or is it now “gold”) as one of the most important festivals after the Big Three (Berlin, Cannes, Venice). Of the various sections is the Concorso Internazionale, dedicated to the contemporary auteursfilm, the cinematic interesting. In that section, for which fifteen movies were selected, are also the coveted prizes, the Golden Leopards, granted. Who “auteursfilm” says, think not usually at humor. But, according to the German agency DPA, the this edition on the Grande Piazza, where every evening, approximately 8,000 movie lovers show up to marvel at the largest screen in the world, laugh.

Humour on the order, but the program offers no Flemish film. The French-speaking part of the country is still very much present, with the Swiss-Belgian co-productions ‘Fortuna’ of Germinal Raoux (with Bruno Ganz) and ‘Ceux qui travaillent’ of Antoine Russback (Olivier Gourmet). The script of the latter film is co-written by Emmanuel Marre, whose short film “D’un chateau l’autre” is shown. Walloon proud Yolande Moreau, finally, plays a role in ‘I feel good’, the latest film from the usually very comical French duo Delépine and Kervern.

Also of Bruno Dumont, for several years, maker of extremely sad movies, can now (dry) humor to be expected. Wait and see if that is indeed contained in his latest, ‘Jeanelle, l’enfance de Jeanne d’arc’.

Traditional counts of Locarno, a sturdy German delegation. That is, this year, with movies that, judging by their theme a little better than a joke to be handled. So it goes ‘Wintermächen’ (winter wonderland) by Jan Bonny, a young right-extremist. “Was uns nicht umbringt’ (not kills…) is presented as a tragi-comedy. The film by Sandra Nettelbeck, with, among others, Johanna Ter Steege, revolves around a not so young man, who levenscrisis sets. Films on the Piazza Grande, will be screened, the chance for the Audience award UBS to win. In the section Cineasti del presente (debutants or second-filmcineasten), our eastern neighbors ‘Alles ist gut’ by Eva Trobisch. Also in this first film is probably very little to laugh about: the Kammerspiel about a young woman who after being raped to have her life back in order trying to get.

The motto of the in 1946 founded the festival reads, “Here are the movies the stars’. That saves immediately the purchase of red carpets.

To 11 August to pass in the Swiss city of more than 200 feature films, shorts and documentaries in the programme.

Open, the festival Wednesday night with an old-fashioned ‘double bill’: the French painting ‘Les Beaux esprits’ (English title: ‘Smiley’) of Vinanney Lebasque and ‘Liberty’, a comedy (1929) with Stan Laurel and Thomas Hardy. The thick and thin-film fits in the context of a retrospective dedicated to the legendary Leo McCarey. Especially his films from the years ’20 to ’50 will the generous smile.

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