Higher death toll in Nicaragua by unrest

7eb22db1273bb88e4c0cc39b1701bb05 - Higher death toll in Nicaragua by unrest

MANAGUA – In an interview with the American channel CNN, the Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega said that by the civil unrest in his country over the past months certainly 195 deaths. Earlier the government of the Central American country said that by the bloody protests about sixty people were killed.

According to human rights organisations, the violence around 450 deaths. Ortega says that the figures of the Inter-American Organization for human Rights and other organisations are not sufficiently substantiated.

Since mid-april, going to Nicaragua burdened by confrontations between demonstrators, security forces and armed regeringsaanhangers. The opposition demands the resignation of Ortega, who since 2007 is in power. The president is accused of an authoritarian regeringsbewind. The protests started initially as a protest against the planned increase of the contributions for social security.

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