Henny Huisman puts Mick Harren heart under the belt

Henny Huisman expresses on Twitter his support to Mick Harren, that he knows of the Soundmixshow. The singer is since this Friday night in the cell, after he and his stepson Joey threatened with a weapon.

Henny writes: “one of the star performers for Mick Harren, did oooooit along with the Soundmixshow and work hard as a singer to make it, he must at the end have been! There is no evil in that boy. Come on Mick, you fight only for your breakthrough as a singer!”

The police confirmed Monday to The Telegraph that Mick at least a night in the cell must spend. The judge will tomorrow decide whether Harren, who is suspected of illegal possession of firearms, even up to fourteen days longer in custody.

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