‘Harry Potter’-fans will be Hogwarts recreate in lego

Toy maker Lego puts next month of a new building kit in the theme of ‘Harry Potter’. Fans of the books and series there is a firm sum of money for about, the famous school of magic Hogwarts completely reverse engineer.

From the 15th of August is the building kit to be ordered online. For the not-so-soft price of 450 euro you can buy the kit with less than 6.020 pieces. Besides that money will be fans so a decent dose of patience must have in order to be the legendary castle in lego blocks to see emerge.

Except well-known spaces – such as the large entrance hall, some classrooms, the Secret Room, and the office of Perkamentmuts – will be in the box also some figurines of well-known characters sit. It includes Harry, Ron, Hermione and Perkamentmuts. Too bad guys like Voldemort and Draco are not missing.

It is not the first time that Lego with a Hogwarts-building kit on the come up. The previous version was using ‘less than’ to 1200 blocks, however, is much smaller.

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