Greek island berates donkey rides with ‘big’ tourists

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The authorities on the Greek island of Santorini to take measures to the donkeys that tourists carry around on steep cliffs, more to protect. The animals would be regularly beaten and wounds on their backs, and by ‘thick’ tourists

Four animal rights organisations last Friday, argued on the Greek island, after a video surfaced showing how a donkey beaten. The demonstrations, which are specifically directed against tourist rides with the donkeys and the mistreating of the animals, ontaardden in battles.

Finally decided the owners of the donkeys and the animal rights organisations a package of measures to introduce the well-being of the animals should improve. So need longer rest periods in the shade, as well as sufficient water and food. Though it seems to be the essence of the problem is not completely eliminated.

Santorini is a popular stop for cruise ships, where donkeys tourists transport on steep cliffs. According to the action group ‘Help the Santorini Donkeys’ would asses the weight of the vacationers can’t handle. For the animals would be every tourist’s “too thick” (read: too heavy), making the animals less active spines and zitwonden. Reportedly crosses local ezelhandelaren the animals now with larger mules to this problem.

The Greek island welcomes nearly 2 million tourists. That’s almost 10 percent of all tourists who come to Greece travel. This year, Santorini decided to have only 8,000 cruise tourists per year, compared to 12,000 in 2017.

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