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Freedom of speech-to-ECHO KW30: Bitcoin (BTC) vs. ETF FUD

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This week focus on many of the comments focused on the positioning of the Securities and Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) for proposals in respect of an exchange-traded Bitcoin Fund (ETF). But also the strong increase of the Stellar lumen employed some of the commentators. The BTC-ECHO expression ECHO in calendar week 30.

The SEC decision on the second attempt, the brothers Winklevoss to be a Bitcoin ETF lists, was expected with voltage. The voltage is accompanied by Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) were: the Tick, Trick and Track, the crypto-paranoia. And so it came to pass, that, after the Winklevoss twins failed in front of the SEC repeatedly, and the price of Bitcoin dips below the 8,000-US-Dollar-brand.

Bitcoin price shows itself unimpressed

It was a short Dip: The price has lifted again in 8,200 U.S. Dollar-Region; fears of a price fall due to the refusal of the SEC to the “Twins” have not been confirmed for the First. This is also due to the clear words of SEC-member Hester M. Peirce, the language of the judgment to the public.

On Thursday, Peirce indignant on Twitter:

“Obviously, Bitcoin is not Mature enough, respectable enough or regulated enough to be in our markets worthy of. I’m of a different opinion.“

Those who follow the Tweet Link given leads to a several-page opinion by Pierce, in which she advocates to cases, judgments tend to favor new investment products. Investors could better decide whether a new financial product is any good or not:

“In summary, I would like to say that we are moving rather on the side of the admission of products to investors, the form of these things, in General, a better judge than we are, their own opinions about a particular Innovation, and in this way the market can act.”

There are some ETF’s-are proposals in the Pipeline, you need to keep your head up. Also, the fact that the BTC exchange rate swings back to 8.200 US dollars, many over-optimistic. Mike Novogratz, a billionaire and crypto-Investor, is good things, with regard to the BTC course:

“I think we can build a beautiful floor for the next step up”,

Novogratz told CNBC. Of course, the desire is here, too, the father of the forecast, was Novogratz‘ crypto-banking Galaxy Digital LP suffered but solid under the course verslusten for crypto-currencies in the first quarter of this year.

What is stopping Bitcoin from Reaching the 10,000-US-Dollar-mark, Novogratz, the many uncertainties on the regulatory level. This did not scare away institutional investors so far.

Stellar vs. Ripple

However, not only BTC was this week successful against F, U and D to defend. The Altcoin Stellar Lumens (XLM) was able to maintain his sixth place by market capitalization.

Andrew Ancheta of crypto briefing in the Bullenrun a result, out of concern for Ripples XRP.

“While XRP, the Ripple (Stellars closest competitor) – created currency, is still in regulatory quicksand, the Stellar Protocol several times in a row the green light.”

Ancheta refers to a license issued by the state of New York to the crypto exchange iBit and the regulates in addition to other Coins also, the listing of Stellar lumen.

Also on you can see for Ripple greater regulatory hurdles than Stellar.

“Ripple (XRP) seems constantly to fight against negative media attention, which is not necessarily a bad thing, your concern is definitely beneficial”,

Lois Lane himself writes on eleven news… and continues:

“Ripple can successfully penetrate into the banking sector and the global crypto-currency for international money transfer. But first, it must move in the regulatory murky waters and legal struggles unsubscribe.“

For Stellar, you also see a large market:

“Stellar, however, could conquer a niche in the market by linking individuals and institutions and as a huge market in a controlled manner. It is the challenges that Ripple is and can be, therefore, for investors and potential users alike.“

Let’s see if the Altcoin can be the claim, the Name and Logo summon. The stars just might be worse.

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