France bans mobile phones in schools

519170d0764a1edbe97e503b575efb60 - France bans mobile phones in schools

The French parliament on Monday definitively the ban on mobile phones in schools approved, a campagnebelofte of president Emmanuel Macron.

La République En Marche! (LREM), the party of the Macron, submitted the proposal in may. Last week it passed the Senate already green light for the ban, Monday, the National Meeting the same.

The right and left abstained, because they find that it is merely a political display is that nothing will change.

The bill prohibits the use of mobile phones in schools, where the pupils up to fifteen years old. For children with a disability, there are exceptions allowed, just as there are exceptions are possible “for educational purposes”. What is under that last category, schools can record in their school regulations.

The new rules apply as from the next school year.

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