Four million muslims threaten Indian citizenship to lose

More than four million inhabitants of the Eastern Indian state of Assam threatens the Indian citizenship to lose. Their name was deleted from a preliminary version of a new population registry, report various media on Monday. Critics fear that with the measure the feed rate is given for a ‘witch-hunt’ at the moslimminderheid.

The new registry is an update of an old list, which since 1951 not adjusted. In addition to the descendants of the people who were on the original list is found, the registry is also supplemented with people who can prove that they to Assam were moved to march 24, 1971, the day when the many people of Bangladesh was established.

Slightly more than 4 million of the 32 million inhabitants of the state do not meet the administrative requirements. Also people who more than forty years ago in Assam were born, are likely therefore suddenly their citizenship to lose. Most of the individuals are muslims of Bengali origin.


The hindoenationalistische party BJP, which is also in Assam, it has the power, says that the with the new registry, the illegal migration from Bangladesh wants to address. But opponents argue that the land in that way, the stateless become Bengal wants to expel.

‘They threaten openly to join himself to muslims to get rid of, ” says the Bengali activist Nazrul Ali Ahmed on BBC News. “What with the Rohingya in Myanmar happened here can also happen with us today.’

The official responsible for the registry emphasises that it is only a provisional version. People who are not on the list, will not be immediately deported or arrested, so it sounds. People will also have the possibility to get from the end of August to file an objection.

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