Former bodyguard Macron accused of a brawl

The public prosecutor of Paris announced Monday that an additional examination open to Alexandre Benalla (26), the former security employee of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Two twenty-somethings testify that Benalla also would have them attacked.

The facts would seem to have played on 1 may, a few hours before Benalla blows gave them a few participants of the 1 may demonstration in Paris.

The case came to roll after the French daily Libération on Monday new video published. That is to see how a group of protesters through the botanical garden of the French capital, runs, allegedly because they wanted to escape the violence on the may 1 demonstration, which near took place.

At a given moment, they are in the botanical garden, however, beckoned by three men, of which they think that the police officers are. One of these three men shows, according to Libération ‘strong similarities’ with Benalla. When someone of the three of them in the holes that one of the protesters, a woman, everything about the film, there is a scuffle.

‘At that time jumped one of the men on her, he tried to grab her phone to take off, ” says the lawyer of the woman to Franceinfo.

Dismissed by Macron

The two victims, 23 and 24 years old, filed a complaint about the incident, which the French court now decided additional investigation to open up to Benalla.

That came earlier in tight shoes right after images were cropped up that show how he is during the may 1 manifestation in Paris, protestors violently tackled. Benalla was shortly after the facts for two weeks suspended, but the court was not informed. After the spread of the video, he was still fired. He is accused of assault in a group, unauthorized holding of functions and illegal bearing of arms.

Light loss in polls

While the case-Benalla is still raging, the popularity of president Macron in different surveys are somewhat worse, though there is according to experts not a case of a real rupture between the French people and their president.

The popularity of Macron at the end of July, according to the institute, Ipsos, four percentage points decreased. Of the French is 32 percent that he is doing it well, the lowest level since september 2017. In another survey, of If fell between 25 and 27 July to 37%. “The Benalla affair has had a real impact, but there is no question of a break in the opinions,” says Frédéric Dabi, president of If. “Despite the media attention, the main criticism of the French is still that of economic and social nature. That he is the president of the rich is, that he is an unjust policy, etc.’

The former socialist president François Hollande could at the same time of his mandate, only 27 percent of his subjects delight, Nicholas Sarkozy is still 38 percent.

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