Final report MH370 published, survivors are disappointed

96194b7f7c6010260d3fc56e43621ce8 - Final report MH370 published, survivors are disappointed

Unless the wreck is subsequently found, we will never know what happened to the aircraft of flight MH370 is done, according to the final report that Monday was presented. The search was in may abandoned.

Researchers emphasize in the report that it is impossible to determine the cause of disappearance to find out without the wreck of the airplane of Malaysia Airlines. There came ashore all different fragments of the device on islands off the African coast, but the exact location of the crash could also, after four years, search for not be traced. In may, the quest was finally abandoned.

MH370 flew on 8 march 2014 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and disappeared on the way from the radar. The plane had 239 people, 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board.

The survivors are disappointed. “It is not because they are a final report, mention, that it is over for us. There can be no talk of a final report until MH370 is found. The search must be continued, ” wrote Grace, Nathan, whose mother is on the flight was, on Facebook.

The disappearance remains one of the biggest mysteries in aviation.

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