Father Heath Ledger happy for Michelle Williams

The father of the 2008 death of actor Heath Ledger is really happy for Michelle Williams, who last week announced that she recently is married to musician Phil Elverum.

Heath and Michelle had from 2004 to 2007 in a relationship. In 2005, they had a daughter, Matilda. Heath died at the end of January 2008, after a number of sleep and tranquilizers and painkillers by each other. His overdose was by the coroner as an accident labeled.

Kim Ledger left opposite the Sydney Morning Herald know: “Michelle is very on her privacy so I do not like to make statements about her, but we are very happy.” The father of Heath told that he is the husband of Michelle has not yet met, but that he expects soon to do so.

The family Ledger still has good contact with the now 12-year-old Matilda. At the premiere of a documentary about Heath, told his sister Kim last January that she has many of her brother recognizes her niece. “How they walk, how they skateboard. It makes me all reminiscent of Heath.”

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