Donkeys break back through thick tourist Santorini

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Santorini – Farmers on the Greek island of Santorini breed now with donkeys which have an extra strong back. Reason: more and more obesity-tourists ravage the backbone of the poor beasts of burden.

Donkeys suffer under ever-thicker tourists on the Greek island of Santorini.

The tourists very popular and picturesque island is during the summer, overrun by visitors. The thousands of tourists, mostly from cruise ships, like by a donkey, the mountain and the steep stone steps to the town of Fira drive.

Animal rights complain that the animals are often “stuck” wounds on the back by the geschuur of the thick passengers. Also would be a lot of donkeys in a depressed spine.

They argue for a long time for a mandatory weighting of tourists. A donkey would only be a maximum of 51 pounds. Action group ’Help the Santorini Donkeys’ is that they are not more than twenty percent of their own weight to bear.

The animals would also be bad treated by their owners. They stand the whole day in the blazing sun and getting too little water. According to the action group are old donkeys simply left to their fate on the island or even if old dirt of the cliff, pushed. A fine old day, there is not, for the diligent workers.

Local ezelhandelaren feel a ban coming and are now at the excessive breeding with the largest asses that have more weight to carry.

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