Demi Moore shocked audiences with hard-Weinstein-joke

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The ex-wife of Bruce Willis is one of the surprise guests for The Roast of Bruce Willis and she is not in.

Demi Moore

“Bruce Willis has, prior to his role in Pulp Fiction Harvey Weinstein looked up in his hotel room… He came out swinging with a ball gag at home and…. he got the role!”, says Demi Moore, in a very daring joke during The Roast that Sunday night in America was broadcast. TMZ shared the clip.

The public schaterde, but a few in the room were visibly shocked. Some may wonder if the Weinstein-joke not too early, after all misbruikschandalen that from October last year emerged and who started the allegations against the film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Tonight is the broadcast in the Netherlands on Comedy Central at 20.00 hrs.

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