Death after chicken on Corfu

Corfu – A 37-year-old woman during her holiday in Corfu after eating tainted chicken within 36 hours of death.

The hospital on the Greek island of Corfu, where a tourist died from food poisoning.

The English Natalie Rawnsley, the mother of two children, was sitting in a hotel with three restaurants serving à la carte could be eaten. According to a widower Stewart was the whole family at the table. The husband and children took pasta, bread and sausages. Natalie chose chicken, salad and shrimp.

Stewart: “When she was in the chicken cut, gushing blood. After a few bites, she brought it back and got a new piece.”

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during the Night was the triatlonatlete nauseous and hung it quickly over the toilet. The next morning, asked the doctor a buikgriepje. The family was advised her to leave it alone, also to the rest not to infect them.

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Four hours later, checked them again with her and the situation seriously deteriorated. The now very ill, Natalie was taken to the hospital on the Greek island transferred.

In the intensive care unit, she fell quickly out of consciousness. In the meantime, more family of the woman in the hospital. Around 13 o’clock the next day, her brother, that the heart beat occasional missed.

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The doctors sent the family away. Shortly thereafter, they came out with the announcement that the English had died, writes The Sun.

According to the coroner, the woman died of an E. coli bacterium in the chicken, combined

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