BOWY HARREN responds: ’Mick is itself for years threatened’

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After Private with the revelation came that singer Mick Harren stuck because of vuurwapendreiging, burst there with his son, Bowy a proverbial bomb. He has many years outside the familievetes held, now he wants to no longer be silent. “My father is prejudiced; I now no longer care whether I threats get.”

The career of singer Mick Harren is on the game, which was the reason for his son to speak out

Mick Harren was this weekend in his hometown Purmerend arrested, because he is his former stepson with a gun to his head would have threatened. The 24-year-old Joey had asked his mother, Micks ex-wife Pascale, now leave her alone, then when Mick the stop harassment. The singer has been bringing a few nights in the cell, and today decided the extension of the remand.

This was the story, but his son Bowy Harren would like to further light to shed. Because yes, his father pulled a gun out of his pocket, that is also on camera, but it was a neppwapen and Mick would have had good reasons to have that gun in your pocket to carry. “He has for many years been threatened by his stepson and it is possible that also the new friend of Pascale had something to do.” According to him, the fall in police files hundreds of tax returns. “I’ve been there that my father, strange anonymous phone calls got in the car. But according to the police, that is not to trace. Joey has even once with my father to the door stood with a revolver. But because there is no footage of it, we can’t prove it.”

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And as the threats increase in severity, it would be Mick Harren is no longer safe to have felt. “We have a lamp, a kind of candlestick with a revolver, remember, fake of course. Who had my father there when cut. He has not always carried with him, though, and in hindsight you can say: that was not smart, but I don’t understand ’m very well. The are not sweet guys who threaten him.” According to Bowy something snapped at the moment that Joey him this weekend for the umpteenth time came, along with a tall guy.

“He was afraid, the are no lady boys”

“They threw a bar stool towards him. Out of fear he has when the neprevolver from his pocket, extracted. Then ran into Joey hard to the police station. My father is in the same direction it was going to be to give himself up, knowing that it is not was smart what he has done, learned Bowy of his sister Semmy, who was there. “The police also saw quickly that he is not a real firearm had.” Why is Mick so long to stuck, Bowy is also a mystery. “I can’t speak. His lawyer has told me that we will have to wait on a decision when he is brought up.”

It is in the family for fury since the separation between Pascale and Mick, more than four years ago. There was a struggle to care for their joint daughter Semmy (15), with Mick at the longest end pulled, in spite of reproaches to address of aggression. Joey, and Bowy, the sons from previous relationships, respectively, Pascale and Mick, grew during the marriage as a step of the same age, but are now diametrically opposed to one another, has already Bowy until the day of today, tried outside the familievete to keep. But now he has the career of his father, contrary to looks, and his (half)sister Semmy in the fight involved – “They have her scolded, she is completely upset” – he wants to no longer be silent. “I now no longer care whether they me going to threaten.”

’Care to Semmy’

Bowy’s frustration is big, he says to Private, now that he’s his father, the dupe looks to be an arrest by the police which in his eyes left something to do with the returns, which they did. According to him, says the fact that his father is now a police station in Zaandijk, enough. “The police station in Purmerend, the netherlands had too little place.” He is confirming that his father is indeed still stuck; something he on Facebook strongly denied in response to the story of The Telegraph, from the same frustration, as it seems. However, he can the facts don’t deny. “What I wrote about that I on Sunday with my father to the sports had been, it is true, indeed, not. I’ve been told that he has until Tuesday stuck.”

“She is abused, she is totally upset”

And that brings the family drama to a new bottleneck, because Mick made for the daughter of him and his ex-wife Pascale. “Semmy is seriously worried about what to do with her going to happen. She is a minor, but wants absolutely not to her mother. I try to give her to comfort, say that they now need to release. And I will do everything in order now so the real story out. But more I cannot do.”

How it sits with the claims that things are exactly the other way around, that is correct Mick already a gun on his stepson, and he is indeed the one who is his ex-wife all those years, has continued to harass? “My father has let it go and look for years no more to her. All friends and family know this story. Or ask my sister; she has everywhere in-between years.”

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