And it should be bleeding for sexual harassment

New York – A senior economist who is acquitted of sexual harassment, the woman should have 1 million euros in damages to pay.

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Geert Bekaert has been acquitted of sexual harassment, but should still have to pay

The Flemish Geert Bekaert was by the Italian Enrichetta Ravina accused that he her during the work in New York difficult would have cases. The woman claimed a whopping thirty million dollars.

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At the district court in Manhattan continued to the end, no chip very of the indictment, writes The Newspaper. There would, according to a jury of four men and four women do not have ’challenging behaviour’ have taken place.

The 53-year-old Bekaert, who teaches at Columbia Business School in New York and adviser of the European Central Bank, would, according to the Italian mandatory liefdesmails to have her sent.

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Also, he would have her try to touch him. According to the Italian, he had several times said that visiting prostitutes is healthy for men, writes the New York Post.

During the trial, showed the love, especially from her side to come. Enrichetta, who, together with Bekaert conducted research into pension savings, and went to the court because they had the feeling that they are by the ’affair’ not to promote more got.

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Still, the prof quite docks as he made the case for the court, began to play, a lot of are bite. In an attempt to clear his name, he called her publicly ’insane, evil, crazy and incredible insane bitch.’. And for that loslippigheid he is now severely punished. He must have 1.25 million dollar pay.

The Belgian is now considering lodging an appeal.

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