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25% discount on the visit to the World Ethical Data forum in Barcelona

ccecb25adb5196a285c8deacf464fe97 - 25% discount on the visit to the World Ethical Data forum in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – VN3T held on the 19. and 20. September 2018, the World Ethical Data Forum in the World Trade centre in the Catalan city of Barcelona.


The World Ethical Data Forum discussion about the ethics of Big Data, privacy and decentralized solutions, which develop all of them so quickly that legislation and regulation can’t keep up. Although the existing legal and ethical frameworks can be applied in these new areas, the results are often inconsistent, since you achieve this goal completely. Therefore, the Forum is designed to ensure that the participants can have an open and balanced discussion of these issues without prejudice.

Properties of new technologies

The aim of the first World Ethical Data forum, experts and enthusiasts from around the world together to discuss the moral and ethical implications and responsibilities that arise through new technologies. Examples of these innovative projects AI systems, decentralized technologies and distributed systems, the routine use of moderate in our data.

The Forum will cover the following areas:

World-Class Speaker

It is estimated that this major conference brings more than 500 high-profile attendees and more than 50 speakers, which are in their respective areas, of pioneers and Visionaries. Impressive speakers Chris Cleverly, Executive Chairman of the Block Commodities, Philippe van Nedervelde, CEO of E-Spaces, Katia Lang, CEO of Fintech Times, and many more.

Chris is in favour of the ethical restructuring of existing systems and is a member of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. His projects include a Blockchain solution for African farmers, which avoids the volatility of the local currencies by providing affordable loans are offered for necessities such as fertilizer and seed.

Philippe van Nedervelde, an entrepreneur who has specialised in visions, concepts, ideas and dreams from Science Fiction and future-oriented imagination to transform a full exploratory Engineering in everyday realities. Philippe is the CEO of E-Spaces, a virtual and augmented reality.

Katia Lang, CEO, Fintech Times, an international newspaper, which reported about the world of business, Finance and technology. Katia is also the co-founder of Disrupts Media Limited, and a Startup expert.

Participation is limited and Tickets are both in the Universe as well as Eventbrite. Crypto Ticker is proud to be in partnership with the World Ethical Data Forum. We offer our readers a special coupon code to get 25% discount on the General price. (CODE: CTWORLD25)

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