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Zulte Waregem lose double the lead in the final against Waasland-Beveren

Zulte Waregem is with a opdoffer of vengeance, the new season started. It seemed on the way to a certain victory against Waasland-Beveren, which is 85 minutes long, no chance together, played soccer. But in the final, having scored in the miraculously another two times. Hicham Faik and Hamdi Harbaoui had the home team on a double lead, but Aleksandar Boljevic and Joachim Van Damme verpestten the party of Essevee and chasing Onur Kaya. It was 2-2.

For Francky Dury was, since the promotion in 2005, his five hundredth game as the coach of Zulte Waregem. Time for a party at the Gaverbeek, and after four minutes were the fans effectively all of the singing and swinging. Harbaoui sent Buffalo deep with a heel and his low cross reached Faik, who are left at the ball, and touch found. The perfect way to end the season.

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Zulte Waregem


Immediately, two newcomers, so that their stamp. The 37-year-old Buffalo, we knew that he was still not worn off – it will not be the last assist this season. To Faik, we were rather curious. From the Netherlands seeped out particular praise for his pedaling technique. He proved it immediately by flawless and in one time to score. If Kaya will be gone soon – next week he moves on to KV Mechelen – he can replace him. Now they were still both in the team, Faik central and Kaya on the left.

Against ex-club

The third newcomer to Essevee was called Demir and that came from… Waasland-Beveren. He chose the right moment to click the Freethiel to leave, because Jans, Angban and Thelin and earlier Seck and Morioka did the same. In terms of strongholds remained only Cabin and Ampomah. Not easy for Yannick Ferrera, who yesterday, after four minutes, therefore, already quite annoyed. His rearguard was completely out of context, played in that 1-0. And his team was subsequently not a fist. With five newcomers in the basis (Salquist, Vukotic, Massop, Bizimana and Badibanga) was looking for Waasland-Beveren in vain to doelkansen. For the rest remained the abacus untouched. The only thing the fans could go up, were some fun what about spot’s of Ampomah and a few much-needed interventions of Roef. For Zulte Waregem – not great but solid, had rested his head start to develop. Harbaoui was first time just not when the ball is headed next.

Ferrera handle the rest all in and brought Forte for Ndiaye, that with the few useful balls that he had gotten nothing did. The Italian striker had more presence sure. Not much later came the second change, the young Heymans solved Bizimana. The home team, however, remained the most dangerous. On the hour, blasted The fauw of far in the direction of purpose, Roef had to seriously scramble to the deviated ball out of his goal to save. Kaya was missing in the revival. Of postponement was no adjustment. Marcq intercepted the ball, gave along with The Peacock and operated Harbaoui. The Tunesiër headed inside, his 86th goal in the Belgian first division was a fact.

Applause for Kaya

Egg so was The Peacock the 3-0 on the board. The sign for Ferrera to have also a third time to switch, this time it came Boljevic on it. But it did not solve this problem. The match seemed played. Deckhouse made sure again that the score is not higher suffered, with a kattenreflex on a deviation of Harbaoui. 2-0, that was it, everyone thought. A shot of Badibanga in celebrate the 84th minute for the visitors, the first between the posts – brought no change there. But in the 86th minute took also Boljevic but once his chance. Bossut was actually beaten, 2-1.

Still tension. Zulte Waregem seemed still certain and Kaya got his deserved applausvervanging. But in the absolute slotseconden was suddenly Joachim Van Damme as a devil from a box came and 2-2 in goal headed home. Disbelief everywhere in the stands and once again the proof that in football everything can quickly reverse. Ferrera was blissfully happy and jumped onto the field. With the game he can not be satisfied, but with the perseverance of that last five minutes more. The party at the Gaverbeek was still somewhat disturbed.

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