Woman causes huge chaos at the airport of Munich

MUNICH – A woman has in her own massive chaos taken care of at the airport of Munich. Around two hundred flights were canceled. A part of the second largest airport of Germany had to be cleared, after the woman through the security check was slipped.

The woman was uncontrollably past the security checks in terminal 2 come. That happened Saturday morning. Hours later, at least two hundred flights canceled and are about sixty flights a delay of more than a half hour incurred.

The terminal is now back in use, but the wife is still always looking. On the basis of footage from a security camera tries to have the police find her.

The woman was in the first instance by the bodyscan checked, but it was because of her luggage the meantime. Later slipped the woman without baggage past the security personnel. Against the rules was not immediately raise the alarm. Only when the federal police had been informed, was the terminal evacuated.

The chaos at the airport falls simultaneously with the dawn of the holiday in the south of Germany.

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