Will Smith writes his own memoirs

Will Smith has announced a book to write. He turns to the help in Mark Manson, writing a self-help book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k. The rapper and actor, would like a motivered book writing, based on his own experiences.

Will Smith

“I have years and years of experience that I would like to tell and I’m going to finally write a book| says Smith in a video on Instagram. “I’m going to be for you to write.”

After he has been told that he will be working with Mark Manson, he asks the writer whether he has confidence in the project. “I have spent the last six months bloednerveus and anxious spent, but today I feel good,” quips he.

Will is plan along five publishers to go to the book to present. “We choose one, and I’m almost certain that in the end we choose for the person who has the most money.”

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