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Voyager is More competition for Robinhood and Coinbase

Voyager, developed by a co-founder of Uber, and a cryptographic exchange, which is operated like Robinhood with no fees.


The company will go a step further than its competitors by supporting a minimum of 15 Coins. The expansion plans are already in the works, to institutional investors to provide services and functions for In-App-news – and-analysis functions for crypto-currency.

The CEO of Voyager, Stephen Ehrlich, says that the company outweighs the loss of the “No-Fee” -commercial by “beating the average price of the Coins at the time of our trade”. He claims that he was only interested in crypto-currencies, but also has a Background in the financial industry. Previously, he was head of the professional trading, E * Trade.


In a similar way to Robinhood, this exchange will operate: When the user make a purchase order, will determine the stock exchange for the lowest available price. The trade will be linked to the prices of 10 crypto-currency exchanges, plus three additional Market Maker. This price aggregation process gives the trader more liquidity, which can provide Coinbase.

We saw the opportunity to build a dynamic Smart Order Router that can take advantage of the market and the customer, no commissions … Sometimes you go to a certain stock exchange, but there are no liquidity.

– Stephen Ehrlich Voyager CEO

This process is beyond the dealers control over their Coins. In the App there will be no Wallet. The Coins only work as an investment and can not be returned and otherwise issued, or dealt in, pulled.

When is the Start?

The stock market begins this week with the Beta Test and will be published by the end of October 2018. The stock exchange claims that most of the best of 25 Coins will be available for trading. This function will also make a contribution to the competition of Robinhood, Coinbase, Circle Invest and COBINHOOD.

The Start-up is completed, once the company has received state licenses. The current approval is valid for California, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Montana. You have a pending application for New York, but your ultimate goal is at least 40 U.S. States.

We do not believe that many of them have adapted in the USA crypto. I believe, however, that the market itself is extremely large. We believe that the industry will help, to be good citizens for the industry and to help people in crypto goods competently. – Stephen Ehrlich

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