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Updated Anderlecht takes crushing to start

A completely renewed Anderlecht in the first game of the season, his card will be issued. KV Kortrijk went in house with 1-4 for the axe. Ivan Santini had three goals for the big man in purple-and-white, where only 19 Alexis Saelemaekers also made an impression.

Le nouveau Anderlecht est arrivé. Trainer Hein Vanhaezebrouck started the new football season with a completely different squad than that of last year. As many as eight players could make their debut for the purple & white: Didillon, Bornauw, Vranjes, Milic, Makarenko, Cobbaut, Dimata and Santini. Only Trebel, Saelemaekers and Gerkens came last year in an action under Vanhaezebrouck. Also KV Kortrijk started with four newcomers. Glen De Boeck gave Hines-Ike, Kanu and Mboyo immediately a place in the team.

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KV Kortrijk


The Belgian recordkampioen gave him his business card down on the field of Kortrijk. The system-Vanhaezebrouck worked wonderfully, with young Belgian flankspelers Alexis Saelemaekers (19) and Elias Cobbaut (20) who both performed excellently. After two minutes already went through that two to the right swerved Pieter Gerkens, who hit the ball for the pot threw. Ivan Santini extended the ball great diagonally in an arc about Kortrijk goalkeeper Thomas Kaminski. Exactly in the farthest corner.

Strong pressure is Saelemaekers

Especially the right side of the Anderlecht sowed panic. Saelemaekers painted on the half hour a ball on the head of Landry Dimata, that is the double edge on the plate put. A weak KV Kortrijk could hardly give back. Further than some of the menacing long shots of Idir Ouali.

And, apparently, did the Guys not even from their mistakes. Immediately after peace was Saelemaekers a boulevard, and again he could plainly Dimata choose. Who missed his shot, but Santini could easily binnentikken: 0-3. The supporters of Anderlecht enjoyed and luminary Saelemaekers brought them all in rapture with an exquisitely executed Zidane’tyou.

Santini completes hattrick with gem

The most beautiful goal of the evening however was still to come. Santini was hard to pay attention when a poor throw-in by Thomas Kaminski, and put the goalkeeper with a viewed lob from 25 metres to see. It inspired a supporter of Anderlecht lead the field to walk, to hug, to go with the goalscorer and a cat-and-mouse game to start with the stewards.

Five minutes before time knew KV Kortrijk is still a eerredder to score. A flurry of Elohim Rolland was by Anderlecht-debutant Ognjen Vranješ unhappy in his own goal worked. Not that that the Brussels party could spoil.

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