Trump pulls out again to Germany and Nato: ‘Better for Europe than for us’

After the Nato summit two weeks seemed like a crisis averted, but U.s. president Donald Trump may not be ‘negligent’ members of Nato to criticize. On a speech for staalwerkers he fell again, especially in Germany.

The American president, Trump was a guest at United States Steel in Granite City, Illinois. There he began again about the funding within the Nato. “Let me tell you what happened with the Nato. Last year they paid 44 billion dollars more than they ever paid. The Nato went to the buttons. Everyone was negligent, or nearly everyone. The United States were not. By the way, Germany pays 1 per cent (the share of gdp that defence investment, ed.), we will pay 4.3 percent. You will find that good?’

“I was the one to which Germany asked: “Why buy you all that gas and do you pay Russia billions and billions of dollars for your energy?”’, repeated the American president, the criticism, which he already expressed at the Nato summit.

It seemed to be there for the Nato summit two weeks ago that Trump the North Atlantic treaty organisation (nato) had already been buried. After the American president the states firmly in their place had not the required 2 percent of their gdp to spend on defence, knocked Trump himself, however, publicly on the breast that he the funding of the Nato had raised. ‘Nato is now stronger than two days ago.’

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