Traffic in Paris is interrupted by fire, journalists have an alternative search

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In Paris there is a fire station Sunday to be suspended in the station of Montparnasse, one of the largest stations in the French capital that the west and southwest of the country it serves. And that just in the busy wisselweekend for tourists. Also journalists and supporters of the Tour de France experience this nuisance.

The interruption is the result of a fire in a elektriciteitspost of RTE, manager of the transmission grid, according to the French spoormaatschappij SNCF. According to RTE, it goes to a post in Issy-les-Moulineaux, located between the Paris pentagon and Versailles.

French media report Sunday morning that Saturday, about seventy percent of the trains drove. Sunday would be but one in two trains to Montparnasse drive.

Also the Tour of France is experiencing in a certain sense, affected by the problems in Montparnasse. The supporters and the journalists have today to Paris for the final ride. On Radio 1 said Christophe Vandegoor, for Sporza, the Tour de France follows, that he was not with the train to Paris and then from Bayonne, in French Basque country where Saturday the time trial was ridden, with the car to the French capital will travel.

‘Normally we would Sunday morning, the displacement make with the TGV from Bayonne, in the direction of Gare Montparnasse in Paris. But our train is cancelled. We have ordered a car taken in the direction of Paris. So We have a 760 miles ahead’, according to the wielerjournalist.

Last year was the railway, even though interrupted in Montparnasse during the wisselweekend by a signalisatiestoring. These problems then led the government SNCF on the mat is called.

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