Tim Burton is coming to Genk

The world-famous American film director, cartoonist, producer comes to Genk. From 15 August to 28 november will be the international exhibition “The World of Tim Burton” show in C-mine Genk. Euroscoop Genk attaches a custom special film programme packed with Burton’s imaginative masterpieces thanks to a custom program.

From 15 August to 25 november visitors can reach Euroscoop Genk go for one of the wonderful films of Tim Burton. Every film by Burton is characterized by dark humor and unique characters. Think of “Beetlejuice”, “Batman”, “Edward Sciccorhands”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Alice in Wonderland”.

The director will film festival to open with two of his favorite movies. Euroscoop Genk will during the festival be turned into a fairy tale world where Saturday, Sunday and Monday continuous films of Burton. Saturday enjoy visitors of some of the classics, Sunday is the Johnny Depp-day and Monday to choose the visitors themselves as their favorite film.

The ticket sales for the opening on september 28 to start on Wednesday 1 August in the afternoon. Euroscoop Genk C-Mine Genk have a cooperation was established in which film and culture complement each other. On presentation of the entrance fee of the exhibition allowed visitors for only 6.50 euros for a movie by Tim Burton.

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