Thomas Markle: “I’m done with Meghan and the royal family’

Thomas Markle is angry at his daughter Meghan because they are all ten weeks no longer speak with him. But he is also sad about the ’loss’ of his daughter, he tells in an extensive interview with the Mail on Sunday.

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The 74-year-old Thomas spoke in his home town of Rosarito in Mexico in the course of three days, nine hours long with the British newspaper. He goes back and forth between sadness and anger about the way he is treated by the British court. “It hurts me very much that they have me completely locked out,” says Thomas about his daughter, who he can’t reach. The phone number he had is not working anymore. “After a few critical words said about the royal family I’m close.”

Markle thinks that his earlier interviews, and his openness about the desire to have children of his daughter and her husband, prince Harry, have led that he is excluded. “But Meghan says itself, the past six or seven years that they like a family like. Harry says it too. And that’s fine, but at the moment that I say, I am persona non grata. I’ve had it with Meghan and the royal family. They want my mouth shut and that I go away, but I let me not be silenced.”


“It is sad that Meghan and Harry somewhere in the next year a child is I grandfather word, but if we don’t contact I will get my grandchild not to see”, speaks to Thomas his concern. “How sad is that, to a child his grandfather to take it away because I have a few critical words about the royal family have said?”

Markle is furious about Meghans ’sense of superiority’. “They would be nothing without me. I got her the duchess made that she now is. I have made her everything she is.” He emphasizes that he is the one that the tuition of her expensive private schools and university are paid. “She is the woman she is now is thanks to everything that I’ve done. Do I get any recognition for? A thank-you note? They do not talk even more against me. How common is that?”


Thomas thinks that Harry’s mother Diana, the terrible would have found how it is treated. Markle realizes that the though of his mother, Harry might be very angry. “It interests me not as Harry never with me would talk. That survive I do.”

However, hopes Thomas on the atonement. When he talk, the sorrow, the about. “Meghan means everything to me. I love her and that I will always continue to do,” says Markle. “Perhaps it is easier for Meghan if I was going to die. Anyone would with her compassion. But I hope we can make amends. I would hate to die while I would never have spoken.”

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