These are the most bizarre advice from Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow launched in 2008 the website Goop, because she likes her own questions about health, wellness and nutrition wanted to answer. In the absence of a reliable source, decided to Paltrow own to create. Remarkably enough, recently revealed that her own opinions, never be monitored, and a large part even dangerous. The collaboration between publisher and Goop is already stopped making the magazine not for sale, but on her website she goes merrily by. Therefore, now a top 7 most bizarre tips from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow

1. Get a beautiful skin by bee stings

Yes, you read that correctly. Paltrow recommends people for you to grazing by angry bees to have such a great skin. By the cross would be a red skin and scars as snow for the sun to disappear. Scientists and doctors say that the ” bijentherapie’ is very dangerous, especially if you use the treatment a number of times to repeat. And indeed, a 55-year-old woman came to life because she is two years long monthly let handle by the bees. She finally lost her consciousness and died several weeks later.

2. Raw goat milk

The actress decided by way of experiment, eight days long, raw goat milk with some herbs to drink in order to have parasites in her body to come off. Because parasites of milk proteins keep, they, according to her, all out of your intestinal wall if you have nothing else to eat or drink. The herbs would then the parasites kill. However, there is not a single scientist that this theory supports. Stronger still: also here is the advice that your body is very capable of is to harmful parasites off. Not to speak of the lack of nutrients and calories in a diet that consists only of goat milk…

3. Use a 24-karat dildo

For anyone who is dissatisfied with his or her sex life, Gwyneth is a golden tip. Literally. She advises to use a dildo to buy 24-carat gold to all sex problems to solve. Apart from the fact that it is but the question is whether or not a dildo of gold your sex life more enriched than any other toy, it makes you especially financially a lot poorer: to the happy owner of a golden dildo to be, you pay a whopping 15,000 euros. Whether that is a positive effect on your sex life will have…

4. Vaginal steaming

Although the vagina is a perfect place to cleanse themselves, there are plenty of products on the market to the quantity supposedly be even fresher. Nothing is less true, for it is precisely by all these remedies disturb the balance and serious problems can arise. Still swears Paltrow added to your vagina every now and then to steaming by on a ’minitroon to sit down with infrared radiation, and a special steam your uterus cleaning’. She claims also that by this way of steaming release energy in your body. Any doctor, however, will say that a washcloth and water sufficient to make you privédelen fresh and fruity.

5. Yoni eggs

Be sure! You need to wouldn’t second mortgage to take your sex life to be able to invest. The blonde has a tip for wild nights: use a yoni-egg! A watte? A yoni egg is a stone of jade that you vaginal need to bring to your pelvic floor muscles to train. It would also make your orgasms more intense. If Gwyneth is, would any woman such a egg you should try. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this advice, but it is important to know that there is a clear manual as’n ei belongs to prevent the harmful effects. But, according to Gwyneth, with not a word about.

6. Throw that bra away!

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong to you ladies loose in the cage to wear. But if you do it because Gwyneth Paltrow says, you can rest assured your bra back on. The story is that wearing a tight bra breast cancer would cause, is simply not true and has already several times refuted. The actress the sandwich monkey story now legal partnership, does not make it suddenly become a truth. Check your breasts regularly, when in doubt, go to a doctor and especially enjoy your beautiful lingerie!

7. A rinse the coffee system for your intestines

Look that is simple and inexpensive, a nice cup of coffee. Unfortunately, but it was so simple. To get your body rid itself of toxins, advises Paltrow a device that looks like a luxury perfume bottle, but what – without going into detail – in an entirely different way must be used… however, for those Who know how Google works, comes quickly on the scientific documents that the so-called beneficial effects of colonics contrary. In fact, they throw your gut flora into confusion and can even your intestines let punch. Rinse with coffee also presents the risk of burns. As for the vaginal steam, also applies here: let your body do the work!

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