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There is no ball on Netflix this summer

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That the stock price of Netflix last week suddenly 14 percent decreased, there we are not awake. We have no shares in Netflix, and that share price will recover. That this summer, nothing to experience on Netflix, that bothers us more.

In the second quarter of this year, there are five million Netflix subscribers have been added. There are now worldwide, 130 million. Good news for Netflix, you would think, but no: as the largest streaming service …

In the second quarter of this year, there are five million Netflix subscribers have been added. There are now worldwide, 130 million. Good news for Netflix, you would think, but no: as the largest streaming service in the world rather brash had announced that there would be six million subscribers would recover, she was by the investor to the peak. He pushed the share is 14 percent lower. The investor is a race of men with whom we have no nothing to do. The investor has no patience, no vision and may also no Netflix subscription.

We have a Netflix subscription, but we have this summer, not much use. Fortunately, it costs only 10 euros per month, otherwise we may have already dropped out. We have the feeling that Netflix it a little late to hang. That causes us more concern than a slight dip in the share price.

Poverty asset

The numbers speak to us. Netflix is investing this year to a whopping $ 8 billion in new programmes. That brings this year, hold on to, 700 (!) new own tv programs and 80 new films. That is incredible much. But we find they are not. Still no good. This summer not yet.

The first half of July that was not so, then there was the soccer world cup. Afterwards, all of a sudden the poverty trump was on Netflix. There was the second season of the excellent Israeli series Fauda, but that was about it. Since yesterday stream the sixth season of Orange is the new Black. The first reactions to them are anything but laudatory. What is there still to come? The second season of Ozark, on the last day of August. We look to some extent also to Disenchantment, a new animated series from Matt ‘The Simpsons’ Groening (from 10 August). That day also goes to the ‘dark comedyreeks’ La casa de las flores in premiere, that is a hit is because it’s a Spanish series and the word ‘casa’ in the title.

That’s about it. While we the previous few years, write that the traditional tv channels in the summer holiday went, and their viewers to Netflix drove it, it seems like Netflix this year, with holiday. Last year picked up the streaming service in the summer with four new topreeksen: Ozark, Atypical, Gypsie and GLOW. Two years ago, with Stranger things, The get down , and Bloodline. This year with ash as nothing. Unless you have high expectations for mature comedy as All about The Washingtons and jongerenreeksen as The innocents (about teenage shapeshifters, really).

Shocking images

We are the young people reached. Is it in order now to protect yourself against the streamingconcurrentie of Disney that is to come? Netflix invests this summer in any case, a lot of difficulty to the tienerpubliek to please. The streams the one teen comedy after the other (The kissing booth is the most popular, and not even the worst, that is To all the boys I’ve loved before), and soon comes back with a ‘controversial’ jongerenreeks turn on.

Perhaps Netflix from the rel around the first season of 13 reasons why learned is that with a little endeavor, the youth can away from Instagram and Youtube. The shocking images of the suicide at the end of that season, lured anywhere, adverse reactions, allowing everyone the also banal series wanted to see. In the second season sat on the end of such a shocking scene. No suicide this time, but a very separate rape. And now there is so Insatiable. Correction: soon, there is so Insatiable, from August 10. Again, a banal jongerenreeks, this time about an obese girl who takes revenge on her bullies. From the trailer it appears that she is the first of a metamorphosis: they slankt by a summer long not to eat. The creators have for the series is accused of fat shaming and the promotion of eating disorders. There is an online petition, provisionally signed by a small 200,000 people, to the series to eliminate. That will not happen, and everyone will look at it.

Vicious circle

That is included, but it’s no strategy that Netflix of doom will save. We don’t want to jinx it, but there is food for thought. Netflix threatens to become the victim of the boom in the tv world that it itself has created. It should be at a breakneck pace subscribers will continue to increase to the exponentially growing costs of production on to catch. At the same time, the more and more programs duplicate for subscribers to be able to recruit. It is a vicious circle.

Subscribers recruitment is also becoming increasingly more difficult: in the united states and Western Europe are the easiest customers for tack, in other parts of the world, the threshold is slightly higher. Netflix is trying to catch by many local programs. That works partly, but also that costs a lot of money. There is now even a real production facility in Spain, especially the South-European market for streaming to win. Or that to be a success, we don’t know yet. What we do know: there will still be many sets come with a ‘casa’ in the title.

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