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The trading school of the cryptographer Bitcoin learn to trade

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The trading school of the cryptographer opened its doors with the ambition to offer each Person the opportunity to realize by means of Technical analysis and the financial instruments in the trading markets, his own successes.

Far away from the statements, the “Technical analysis” working it has lied to the trading school of the crypto to the goal of leading the task to teach their students Better. In addition, they want to convince you by a professional, detailed and personal level of care, enthusiasm for the subject matter and to generate temporal flexibility of their own success. Especially the crypto market is convinced by his volatile, strong market phases and is, therefore, for a successful and growing traders is almost inevitable. In addition, the meaningful application of Technical analysis allows for an attachment to the “Buy and Hold”strategy.

The Professional

As a technical Analyst and professional Trader with 18 years of experience in the financial markets in the world, Thomas Hartmann have a positive Outlook and a variety of successfully trained individuals.

“I found my Intention to share my Knowledge and passion for the Technical analysis with other people.”

As a project Manager for Forex trading and an independent consultant for several companies, a Foundation, what makes him successful and in full-time the DAX, FOREX, and for two years the crypto-market trading. Through regular training and ever-growing enthusiasm with an increasing passion for the Technical analysis, succeeds Thomas by means of a practical and purposeful application, to accompany his students and successful training.

On BTC-ECHO Thomas weekly (Wednesday & Friday), writes in-depth rate analysis of the Top 3 crypto currencies, as well as the “Rising Stars” in the crypto market.

The School

The trading school offers a comprehensive and performance-oriented service offer from four-Telegram-groups.

In the classroom, students can share their analyses or questions with the classmates. You also get the support of the professionals, according to the Motto “success through progress”.

The break room serves the small talk and the questions that are beyond the Technical analysis.

The library is an extensive collection of learning material (books, Videos, tips & Tricks), with the help of which the students can directly start. This area is constantly being updated and expanded.

Meaningful Setups are given to the students by a minimum of three daily analyses, which are done throughout the year.

The comprehensive services offered by the trading school will start from 69 euros in the month.

Advanced Services

To keep ready the Offerings, the trading school the cryptographer other interesting extensions. Whether it’s personal Coaching and support, Talk for an event or help in organizing an event, there is a wide range:

“My goal is Your success, my success is Your goal.”

Thomas Hartmann

Thomas Hartmann is in addition to his work with the cryptographer for BTC-ECHO as a Freelancer and author and produces in this role rate analyses.

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