Summer missed? In 11 tweets updated

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Summer has started and that is the reason for viewers to express their displeasure about the program on Twitter to flushing. Find other twitter users but then again it’s annoying.

Janine Abbring

Not the least of these who comments on the three-hour talk show in which Janine Abbring again this year, the interviews with several guests that their special tv clips to share with the public at large. The first guest is actress Romana Peace, but judging on the many critical tweets, she knows the viewer is not to enthrall you with the story about her son who is autistic, the emotion anger and the “white editorial staff” of the program.

Misses the former political reporter Wouke van Scherrenburg the floor. “The strength of the Summer is the floor and wonder about a surprising way of thinking of the guest, that is wmb tonight, unfortunately not the case.” Also comedian Jochem Myer is not very good at it, today.

Others find the program just too much depth to pretend and ask if the ” this elitist white dry wine 020-interview’ actually paid by the taxpayer. No, rather than excerpts from Them, Medical Centre West, or Love Letters.

But hey, if you’re so annoyed, zapp away, react to others on the many cricitasters.

And where those who have the draught or pull, the dynamic between Abbring and Peace analysis – ’No click’; ’Complicated and difficult but tegelijkterijd also exciting and interesting’; ’It grates slightly in the contact – take others a lofty distance from the program and the reactions to it. “Retweet if you’re not of the Summer looks” and: “No Summer look is the new profound.”

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