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Stoffel Vandoorne will need to specify the points: “This is very disappointing”

For the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne ended the GP of Hungary again with a disappointment. In the midst of a strong race and at a time that he is on the road appeared to be a puntenfinish he got to deal with a broken gearbox and he had to give up.

“This is really a disappointing race for me,” begins Vandoorne his back. “After we are a little further behind on the grid had to leave than we hoped, I had today a great start and I won a few places during the opening lap.”

“During the first stint, we have the tires properly managed and we took a strong speed when it came. I made a good pitstop and we managed to get in the ‘pit window’ a lot of cars to pass. It was a great strategy from the team to put both cars in the points.”

“We felt comfortable and it was simply a matter of getting from the car to the finish line.”

Gearbox is going to piece
That didn’t work out with Vandoorne, who was plagued by a problem with the gearbox.

“Unfortunately we had a technical problem and I had to park the car. It shows again that this is a technical sport. It is disappointing to race so to finish since the team today, everything just did. We got as high as possible, and it is unfortunate that the first part of the season again with some more points.”

After Vandoorne in the past races all kinds of problems with his car he got for this race weekend, a different chassis. Therein had Vandoorne again a much better feeling.

A good feeling
“Personally I had this weekend a good feeling. I think that today we have shown that the rate of return on the level of previously, with again a ‘normal’ feeling in the car. I can be happy with my performance. I look forward to the summer break, relax a bit, and my head empty in the run-up to my home race in Spa.”

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