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Stoffel Vandoorne: “It was very difficult in the rain”

0d660dc68dd4048341bfb740e9919fac - Stoffel Vandoorne: "It was very difficult in the rain"

Stoffel Vandoorne did during the qualification for the GP of Hungary, again, not to push to the second part, our fellow countryman was sixteenth.

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“It was very difficult in the wet conditions to ride”, start, Vandoorne his back. “Certainly at the start of the qualification, it was difficult to know which tires are the best. It was also the right decision to be on the ultrasofts further to go, this because the course is still very warm.”

“Each round we were competitive. We were always in the top ten on the intermediates and the ultrasofts. The most important thing was to be at the right time on the job. I had to go to the pits with one minute to go, so we are not very last lap could drive. At that time the circuit was at its driest. It was not enough to advance to Q2.”

Vandoorne was basically hopeless towards the end of Q1, making the race in sixteenth place will have to begin.

“It is always a gamble in such circumstances. It can be both good and bad purpose. It is a pity that, for us, bad ended, but such things happen. We did our best,” decided Vandoorne.

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