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Stoffel Vandoorne gets new chassis for the F1 car: “Hopefully his problems are now solved”

cb7aa413eed8448a224f2e68ea6c7fe1 - Stoffel Vandoorne gets new chassis for the F1 car: "Hopefully his problems are now solved"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren F1 team chassis for the race weekend in Hungary. After two very problematic raceweekends hope McLaren and Vandoorne the problems with his car to fix it.

“We do indeed have the chassis changed,” confirmed Vandoorne on Thursday across various media. “It is not a brand new chassis, is a chassis that we already have used but that is not a problem.”

Our compatriot sent to the team on to a different chassis to get to all the doubts about his wagon to take away.

“I was with the team the push to do that. We have in the past races obviously almost all of the possible parts to replace, and we came to a point that we almost all had done what was possible. The chassis was one of the last parts that are still remaining.”

“It is not easy for the team to do something like that, certainly not when a few days after a race, a new race to follow, but they have succeeded.”

No clear cause of problems
According to Vandoorne there until the day of today, however, there is still no clarity about the cause of his problems with the car. Until tomorrow, when on Friday the first practice sessions take place and Vandoorne for the first time with the chassis as the track goes, the first conclusions can be drawn.

“There is no specific part of the car of which we can say that this has caused the problem. I think tomorrow we mutually between both cars a few tests will be run to better understand.”

“Hopefully we will see you tomorrow no problem, and we have two cars that perform well.”

On Friday, more clarity
Tomorrow will be more clarity should provide or the problems that Stoffel Vandoorne in Great Britain and Germany had effective also due to the chassis or yet another cause.

“We saw in Silverstone that something was wrong, but it was difficult to say whether it is a chassis-related problem was,” said Vandoorne.

“Currently, we have not yet with the car driving so we know nothing yet. However, We have done everything in order to any doubts, to avoid.”

Vandoorne did not hesitate to himself
Then Vandoorne was asked whether he by the problems and the lack of competitiveness compared to both Alonso and the rest of the rijdersveld to himself was beginning to doubt.

“You start thinking anything. At a certain moment there were sessions where I Fernando (Alonso) in any bend could equal.”

“When you’re in no bend your teammate can match then you know that there is a problem with the car is,” decided Vandoorne.

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