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Stoffel Vandoorne: “Close to top ten is the aim for qualification”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was for the GP of Hungary, and the McLaren another chassis. The team hoped thus the problems that Vandoorne had with his car to fix it. Even though a second time is not the best suspect, yet looks Vandoorne back to his day yesterday.

“I am satisfied with how this Friday is expired,” says Vandoorne back. “I had a normal feeling in the car and we were again working on the setup of the car, and not only to solve the problems that we had.”

That Vandoorne is not a very competitive time managed to put down on the Hungaroring, largely because he’s a spider made.

“Unfortunately, I took no lap times down on the ultrasoft band, this is because I make a mistake and spun off. Our speed over the long runs seemed fine and the balance of the car is getting better and better.”

“There were significant changes between the first and the second training session and we have a lot of valuable data collected to the car to improve and at the sessions on Saturday. I look forward to a good last training session to know and then we can prepare ourselves for the qualifying.”

What the qualification involves is hoping Vandoorne already to have a much better gridpositie to conquer than the last raceweekends.

“It is our goal to make us as close as possible to the topt ten to be since I actually do not really know whether it is good to be in Q3 and sit on the ultrasoft to have to leave. Generally, however, it was nice to have a normal Friday,” concluded Vandoorne.

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