Selma Blair supports Gunn and stops with Twitter

Selma Blair has her twitter account deleted. The 46-year-old actress did this as a declaration of support in the direction of director James Gunn, and following in the footsteps of actor Michael Rooker.

Selma Blair

Selma loved the short, but powerful. They said goodbye to Twitter with the words: “see you soon. You can find me on Instagram #iksteunjamesgunn.”

Previously encouraged Blair and her followers to a petition to sign that producer Disney evokes the dismissal of the Guardians of the Galaxy-director to undo. “He is one of the good ones,” she said. “I thank you for your talent, your modesty and your development as a man. You helped me on top of him when I was in a scary spot and guided me to the decent and good thing to do. You have a stronger character than most people I know.”

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Gunn was last week fired by Disney for the script of the third part of the successful Guardians of the Galaxy-series as a result of ten-year-old tweets, in which he, among more jokes made about pedoseksuelen and rape. The old jokes were dredged up by a conservative website. The director is known as a critic of the American president Donald Trump.

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