SEE: ’Keke-challenge’ in Wells goes horribly wrong

Social media in the last few weeks filled with people who are venturing to the Keke-challenge, a craze in which people from a moving car jump and then dance a jig In my feelings Drake. The hype seems now also spread to the Netherlands and in Wells walked that terribly out of hand…

Since the beginning of the n n challenge to alert the police for the dangers of it. A video from Wells that have recently surfaced, proving yet again why. The challenge is normally run by two people: one person jumping and dancing next to the car, and the other filming the whole event. That this man had apparently not, because he decided to jump and left to his car without a driver to drive…

After the jump is the driver first almost on the nose. After he recovers, he tries to do the dance to do, and runs then as a silly behind the car. These slips, however, still further from the road and pops -just after the man in the car wanted to jump – with a rotklap against a tree. “I have it still on video! Continue, continue!”, shouted the man that by chance the whole event on video has established. “Tough guy, say, which is great,” he concludes sarcastically.

The motorist behind the car, it knows a collision but just to avoid by using the shoulder to drive further. A different conclusion via the opposite side of the road in the tree, parked car to catch up. Moreover, the challenge is not only dangerous, he is also a criminal offence. People who take the challenge and try to execute, run the risk of a prison sentence of two months, a fine of 4.100 euros and a driving ban of two years.

How the me of the man from this video, is not known.

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